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Traditional Thai Massage (Thai Yoga) has its roots in Yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and Buddhist spiritual practices.

It is believed that its origin is in an Indian doctor and contemporary of Buddha some 2,500 years. However, once lived in India, such as Thai massage began and developed until after we know today remains a mystery.
Despite the doubts and inconsistencies of the various theories, it is generally believed that his teachings spread throughout Asia until they reached Siam (now Thailand). That's why Thai massage is also known as Thai yoga massage, because it is a system that combines rhythmic massage, gentle stretching and twisting, energy work, and at its most intense, meditation.

His way of understanding the body fully enables all the energies to be balanced.
It performs both well-being of the body and harmonizing power systems essential to the functioning of organs like the nervous and emotional relaxation.
Thai massage is a massage and dance in which there are rhythmic succession and many sequences in a natural way. Every touch is done in a wright posture.

Massage is regarded as a health tool in its own and not just as a means of relaxation.


There is no direct contact on the skin. The receiver stays in light clothes.


The regular practice of Thai massage is effective in preventing disease and re-synchronizes the energy, preventing blockages from building up.
This massage can be used for two complementary objectives: one acts on the stress and relax nerve and muscle and the other on certain diseases.

I observed that many people have the idea that Thai Massage is painful. My approach to it, is "listen" what the body needs and use the necessary strength on the contracted areas. Therefore pain can occur but in a completely affordable way.
So this kind of massage is also relaxing and enjoyable as others. 


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