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Griscia Hoch


I am captivated by the wonders of being human since 20 years. Studying social work and practicing this profession by listening and supporting homeless people (before), children and families today.


Meanwhile I felt that the meaning of my life was to search my place on this earth and to express it in the most authentic way as possible.


Since 2005 I have been committed to raising consciousness about my body, way of thinking, emotional reactions and belief systems.


I did so first through learning different bodywork and breathing techniques, meditation and Reiki. Later, I added the skill of coaching to accompany, support people to find their own beautiful core.


Today, conscious movement and 5 Rhythms are allowing me to find more and more freedom while feeling connected to my body and soul.


Born in Lugano, the italian speaking part of Switzerland in 1977. I live today in Geneva with my golden child.




2021 Certificate:  Certified Teacher of 5Rhythms®

2016 Certificate: Team Coaching  Relationcare®, WAKAN, Genève.

2015 Certificate: "Animation d'Espaces d'écoute, de parole et de lien, Barreto"

2015 Certificate:  Certified Professional Coach PNLCoach ®, à Genève

2013 Certificate:  Yoga teacher (200h), Hawaii, Usa


2013 Certificate:  Clarity Breathwork, Costa Rica


2012 Certificate:  Chi Nei Tsang, Thailande


2011 Diploma:     Ayurvedic massage (250h), à Genève


2011 Diploma:    Anatomy-physiology-pathology (150h), à Genève


2009-2011 Certificate: Thai Yoga Massage, à Genève et Thailande


2010 Diploma:    Reiki Master, à Genève

2004 Diploma:    Social Worker at HETS (Haute Ecole Travail Social), à Genève

Spirit in motion

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