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Who doesn't know chocolate...

But what is chocolate in its purest form?


Here, I would like to speak about the cacao we use in our ceremonies.


This medicine is a versatile plant that grows in the mountainous regions of Guatemala (or in Central America). I discovered and experimented it directly there with a cacao shaman around lake Atitlan. 


Today many beans are hybrid for larger production but at the cost of losing most of the medicinal/beneficial properties. This cacao is hand-selected by Keith, a shaman in Guatemala, who avoids the hybrid variety. He checks the quality and vibration of these beans for the purpose of ceremony.

Once harvested, the cacao pods are opened and the beans removed.

A wild yeast bacteria reduces the sugar of the protecting layer of the bean, and a natural, hot fermentation (50 Celsius) transforms it into alcohol and vinegar. From here the cacao

bean sprouts and dies. Many don’t know but chocolate is a sprouted and fermented food!


This kind of chocolate is harvested in rural jungle areas with simple techniques. For our health, to kill all the bacteria and eventual mold, the beans are very lightly roasted on a kitchen stove by local Guatemalans; then they are hand peeled so no extra heating is necessary. Afterwards, the beans are pressed to create a paste. That's it... No other process.


So this chocolate contains the cacao butter (about 30%) and powder all together in its natural form. The preparation of this product is considered to be the rawest as possible while maintaining all the active compounds.



Compounds, physical effects and benefits:

Cacao contains about 11 active compounds, the principal one being Theobromine. This is considered a “feel-good” chemical because it enhances the production of serotonin and dopamine in the body.


Other effects of cacao include:

Dilates blood vessels.

Blood to the brain increases up to 40%

Reduces high blood pressure

Increases libido

Acts as a natural anti-depressant

Powerful antioxidant, so could help prevent cancer


And helps focus on a project, a creative idea

Supports meditative states and concentration


Drinking cacao with milk: milk binds the properties of cacao so there is less effect for the body. So drink it best with water.



Heart beat increases up to 15%. So if you know you have some medical heart conditions, you would consume only a little amount of this chocolate. About a 1/4 of the ceremonial dose. Also, if you are taking antidepressant drugs you would take a minimum amount because the chemicals can interact.


If dogs, parrots or horses eat this, they will die because they can’t metabolize Theobromine.



Cacao and consciousness:

Theobromine has been discovered to have effects on Consciousness.

Chocolate has been named the food for the shift. It helps people enter into a cooperative state between the head and heart.


How can one work with cacao? Well, the pain body—our issues, dark sides, drama—can

be intensively present in our lives. If you want to progress, you need to address these issues and cacao can help you do this. The rational mind is not helpful in this process. Pay attention to the messages coming from within; the subconscious speaks to you.

If you want to stay in the rational mind with cacao, you may simply feel a buzz like a triple cappuccino. But if you are open to exploring deeper, observe the body sensations and emotions, and be open to insights or messages.


Afterwards, whether you released something or not, invite in light energy, higher dimensions and expansion. You may feel the area in your chest growing, your heart opening or feel happy and peaceful.

So let's get rid of density with chocolate! It is an invitation to open your heart, connect with something beyond the rational mind, and to allow what is ready to be opened and released.

We believe we can have more fun and adventure in this life!



In the traditional Mayan cacao ceremonies, the indigenous people would go on a collective lucid dream with a shaman. They journey into other dimensions to help keep this dimension united. They connected with their Gods for receiving divine messages.


Drink plenty of water after drinking cacao. Toxins and energy are moved and water helps to digest, release and transform them. If you have a headache or feel nauseous, drink more water. And perhaps also sit with it, looking inside to see if you can better understand why you’re not feeling well.




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