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​Ayurveda is considered to be the most ancient medical system. It is an whole body oil massage.

Opposite to the western medicine, ayurveda gives a primordial importance to the preventives aspects and the psychosomatic causes of a sickness.



The accompaniment with the ayurvedic therapy brings a deep self-consciousness that helps to prevention of sickness and stimulate the faculty of correction, self-healing of everyone.

The type of Ayurvedic massage I give is the Abyangham-yogic massage


Abyangham-yogic is the principal oil massage of Ayurveda.

Father of all the Asiatic massages, it is based on Indians writings, teaching well-being and Yoga. The technique of Abyangham-yogic comes directly from the Veda of India.

Benefits :

Eliminates tensions, knots, stiffness
It purifies your blood system, drains the lymphatic system,
Oxygenation of muscles and organs,
Stimulation of the cardio-vascular system,
Detoxification of the organism,
Regularization of  the digestive functions,
It harmonizes your psychic, relaxes mind and body (Benefits on stress and insomnia)
Prevention of sickness of infections
Work on postural, energetic and breathing aspects

Spirit in motion

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